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Blarney Stone Inc. is divided into two subdivisions, in accordance with its purposes.

Building conglomerates; building nations

BSI believes in the inclusiveness of all in the nation building process. We design programmes aimed at being tools for the sensitization of the Ghanaian and African viewer. We believe in the power television, the internet, radio, and all such other media wield in this information age. Thus, we endeavour to take advantage of these modern instruments to foster the education of the Ghanaian and African populace into embracing their journey as a people, to partake in the stirring of the wheel that is their development process.

It is our mission to take total control of our image as a people and determine how we are represented on the international stage. Our programmes are targeted at children, the youth, and adults; all of whom are tools for development.

We believe in the propitiousness of the futuristic approach in as much as we do, the realistic portrayal of our society. Thus, our programmes can be categorised in two groups; with these two differing philosophical underpinnings—both of which are unrelenting in the bid to re-socialise the Ghanaian, African.

The advertising whizz

We are the repository of what we term ‘consumerism with a cause’. We design products and services which are targeted at helping our clients effectively compete in the market. We endeavour, always to put our clients at the zenith, and at a position of long-term profitable growth.

We believe that what one constantly sees goes on to define them—our products and services reflect this caution.

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What we aim to achieve…

We aim to help take control of our image, as a people, and determine how our country and continent is represented.

If we are going to effectively achieve this, we must be able to design programmes and policies targeted at helping realise the Ghanaian and African aspiration of a developed nation and continent.

We undertake to design programmes directed at re-socialising the Ghanaian and African by utilising the 21st Century leading tool—information technology, to instil a sense of patriotism and inclusiveness in the citizenry.

We aspire to help build an industrialised society, to leapfrog into an information technology age so as to guarantee, the country and continent, economic and socio-economic development.

We aim to, at every point of our national lives, be in control of our image, of how we are perceived on the international stage and how we, as a people, perceive ourselves. We believe that as we work to develop our country and continent, our image must be updated to reflect our progress. Thus, we endeavour to change the narrative. Africa’s progress should be reflected in her image. We seek to break the misconceptions of the continent frozen in time. BSI seeks to lead a movement towards the advancement of our culture and values.


What drives us…

It is our lot to be the fountain of world-class quality, originality, and trailblazing products and services. We endeavour to create top-class television and radio programmes, both educational and entertaining, all geared towards the sensitisation of the Ghanaian and African viewer. We target at harnessing the viewer’s attention, and sustain this attention with our churning out of premium products and services.

We undertake to spearhead the Ghanaian and African journey to self-discovery and development through our series of public-private partnerships, social causes, and programmes and policies. The awakening of the consciousness of the individual to their needed inclusiveness in the nation building process is our top priority.

At BSI, our clients’ satisfaction is our goal. We envision and make true the attainment of our clients’ object of infiltrating the market and boosting sales of their goods and services. We design multimedia productions (TV and Radio), advertisements (both outdoor and indoor advertisements), brand identities, etc all of which adopt our ideals of originality, excellence, and adaptability. Our works are sure to stick with the viewer and provoke them to purchase.


We vow to deliver world-class services to our clients. Our products and services have the distinguishing quality of hitting home their messages, of longevity, and originality

We endeavour, at all times, to create products and services which are certain to stick with the viewer and stir them into purchasing.

We create for each client a distinguishing image, something to remember them by. Our works come with an assurance to our clients that their products and services are going to be the next thing on everyone’s lips.

our philosophy

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Leadership, to us, is a primary mantle. Hence, our products and services have, to them, the ultimate goal and ability to position our clients as forerunners of all things quality.

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At BSI Africa, we are big on innovation; our sense of imagination is unmatched; our creativity, vast. We believe that an idea is at its best when fresh, novel, and breath-taking. “You have never seen this before” is an indelible tag on all our products and services.

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We operate under the undisputable belief that an organisation’s continuous competitiveness is as good as its adaptability.Thus, we are ever-flexible in our approach at client’s satisfaction.

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If ever there was a word to capture the essence of BSI, it would be FINESSE. Quality, to us, is not a luxury; it is a necessity. At BSI, we are unrelenting in our delivery of world-class services.

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All these attributes of BSI makes it an extraordinarily difficult entity to forget. We slap such quality, distinctness, on our works that it makes us very difficult to disremember.

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“A private-public partnership approach at a nation’s economic and socio-economic development is crucial. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the projects and initiatives of Blarney Stone Inc.”

Dzifa Gomashie

Former Deputy Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Creative Arts, Founder Values for Life

“A new wave of patriotism is blowing in the country and continent. Private companies and individuals are coming to the realisation more and more of their needed participation in the country’s development. Blarney Stone Inc. is leading the way…”

Femi Osinaike

Director, Excelsis Training London UK, Excelsis Solutions Ghana.

“When I entered into a contract with BSI Africa, I had high hopes for the services they would render—for one gets that impression observing them from afar. I am not too proud to admit that they exceeded my expectations.”

Shadrack Fordjour

CEO Royal Home Foods Ltd., CEO Stallion Care International

“My prayer is for an unending support for this enterprise for we as a people need this. We need patriotism in every aspect of our lives. The government alone has never succeeded in any part of the world in nation building. Private hands are needed!”

Peace Regina Hyde

Head of Digital Media & Partnerships, Forbes Africa

“We cannot deny the fact that our country and the entire continent of Africa have a duty to prove their self-worth. Blarney Stone Inc. is definitely not blind to this fact.”

Kwaku Awotwi

Music for Youth Ghana Co-Founder

“BSI Africa is not one to shy away from partnerships in the bid to realise their aim of economic and socio-economic development of the country and continent. That truly is a virtue.”

Ofie Kodjoe

Onyx Management Group - ceo

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