Mar 18, 2019



Genius is a word that gets thrown around so often that chances that it has lost its meaning runs high; but when you meet Prof. Kwame Addo, you know you have met a genius of the rare kind. It is painfully undeniable, the fact that the African continent has an inability to put to use its great minds, its visionaries. And until this is remedied, our chances, as a people at real and sustainable development is mighty small.

Born on August 9, 1958 in Tamale, Prof. Addo a native of Abriw Akuapem, received his secondary school education in Mfantsipim Senior High School. He then proceeded on to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), College of Art & Graphic Design; then to the Rhode Island School of Design, USA where he specialised in Architecture.

Prof. Addo, the architect, has worked with noted firms around the globe like: Toro & Company, Colombia; GMW Partnership, UK; Malcom Grear Designers Inc. USA; Select Contract, Dubai, etc. designing many world-class buildings. He is a musician whose albums such as Moonlight Dancer and Samba Hi-life have sold worldwide under renowned production houses such as CBS records, USA; Powerhouse Records, UK; EMI Publishing, et al. He is a professor who has had a myriad of senior and visiting professorship appointments around the world; from Spain to Colombia; Ghana to Canada.


He has worked as consultant/advisor to the government of Ghana as leader for state projects including the Accra International Conference Centre, Mole Game Reserve, the VVIP building, the Kotoka International Airport; and also with the World Bank Group, serving as advisor on spatial development planning. He has worked independently as creative consultant in cities like Accra, Bogota, Quito, La pas and Panama City, designing private houses. He is a visualizer who has worked with firms such as Robert Hinton & Partners, UK, and the Colombian government, designing the national currency of the latter.

As a writer he has published; ‘Visions of Ghana: Decoding Development’, ‘Bogota Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’— A Technical Study on Bogota’s Development, ‘The Magic of the Marker: Technical Manual for Architects and Designers’, ‘Invest in Ghana’—an Investment brochure commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. Including comic books such as: ‘Short Stories of Rafael Pombo’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Buritaca 2001’—an adventure comic book on pre-Colombian civilisation. His artworks have commissioned in galleries around the world; from Ghana, to USA, Colombia etc.

He is undoubtedly a modern day Renaissance Man. This is a dream many people have, but few, able to achieve: to be a jack of all trades and a master of all. This is an indicator of the essence of Prof. Addo—that he has an exceptional ability to transform all dreams—no matter how abstract they may seem to the ordinary person—into a reality. And remind me again, what dream does Ghana and Africa have which seems quite the unattainable dream—is it not attaining full economic and socio-economic development? If we have such proactive human resource capital such as Prof. Addo, do we not, by all means, fully utilise them?

Staying true to his mission to: “Dream, Design, Develop”, Prof Addo has designed an extensive collection of maps—a development formula—mapping out Ghana’s, West Africa’s, and the entire African continent’s resources, and how these resources can be pooled together to spur the development agenda.  A study of the philosophies of Prof. Addo is a study in reality, in futurism, in hope, and ability. His life encompasses the very essence of Ghana’s fight for liberation years ago—that the country is able to take charge of its own destiny and produce exceptional citizenry who are able to spearhead the country’s journey towards attaining economic and socio-economic development. And for this, he rightfully won the award “Maker and Shaper of African Development” by the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (UNIDEP).

Blarney Stone Inc., is immensely humbled to present to you, a member of the board for THE NATIONAL TERTIARY QUIZ (TNTQ): STEM, the maestro, the multilingual, Prof. Kwame Henaku Addo!