Feb 17, 2019


BÉBÉ VIGILANTE is to, BLARNEY STONE INC., an adherence to its founding and working principles and mission. The incorporated private partnership was founded on a promise, to amongst others, design programmes directed at re-socialising the Ghanaian and African by utilising the 21st Century leading tool—information technology, to instil a sense of patriotism and inclusiveness in the citizenry. We, as a country and continent, have had to sit by and watch as others take charge of our narrative; narrative of which is supposed to be ours. We endeavour to remedy this situation.


The Ghanaian and African story with all its intricacies needs to be told. Most importantly, it needs to be told by the Ghanaian and African; for who better to handle our narrative than we ourselves? BSI Africa has tasked itself to skillfully present to the Ghanaian and African viewer, a reflection of their lives, juxtaposed with a representation of what their lives ought to be. Hence, we adopt both the realistic approach (telling the story as it is) and the futuristic approach (showing the viewer what our lives, as a people, ought to be).


The television is a powerful tool. It is a medium which does not require literacy to communicate. Thus, it can be one vital engine for development. At BSI Africa, we believe that that which one constantly sees may easily become them. Thus, as a country, we must be critical of what our children, youth, adults—the entire citizenry, in fact, are exposed to on television.


In BÉBÉ VIGILANTE: MALARIA (The Underrated Endemic)—an episode forming part of a ten-part series starring young persons and children—we sensitise the viewer on how far this disease, malaria extends. How many lives it has claimed in the past, how many more it is estimated to claim in the future. A curable disease, yet so elusive; manageable yet so deadly. We take a critical look at its causes, prevention methods, treatments, and—last but definitely not the least—its total eradication. All hands must be on board in this fight towards the complete eradication of malaria: that is the challenge to the viewer. Eradication is possible: that is the assurance given the viewer.


We have identified a problem. It is that the citizenry do not have a deep sense of appreciating for the direct correlation between education and development. The citizenry can appreciate that politics may lead to national development; but for education, its usefulness to them, mostly is self-betterment, but not a total revolution in their national lives. BSI Africa takes upon itself, the duty of placing Education higher up on our priority list as a nation.


We hope to partner with key agencies (both public and private) to create a quality, thought-provoking work, which shall stick with the viewer and challenge them to drive change.